With an extensive range of colour choices and style options, C60 is our most popular profile range and is suitable for both new build and replacement.

The C60 frame has a fully sculptured profile with a sculptured bead & low sight line gaskets.

The C60 frame gives a choice of frame colour options, from white to traditional oak and rosewood, all with authentic grain-effect finishes.

Nova Glazing make a unique addition to your home. Our investment in top of the range machinery ensures that frames can be manufactured to any shape.

Available Colours

Chartwell Green Anthracite Grey Dark Red Wine Red Steel Blue Dark Green

Moss Green Slate Grey Basalt Grey Silver Grey Agate Grey Siena

Key Features

60mm profile
Fully sculptured
24mm glazing and beading
28mm glazing/beading optional extra
Internally glazed
3 Colour Choices
Low sight line gaskets
Espagnolette Bolt Locking available
Available with BSI “A”, “B” ratings

Nova Glazing’s range of Energy Rated Windows has been designed to minimise heat loss, absorb heat from the sun and eliminate air leakage... the result is savings on home heating bills and reduced energy waste

The energy efficiency of windows are measured by Window Energy Ratings. WER’s take into account the performance of both frame and glass known as a whole window ratings, and are determined by three main factors:
Thermal Transmittance (U-window): measures heat that is lost through the overall window - energy efficient windows reduce heat loss, therefore a lower u-window value means better energy efficiency.
Heat Gain (G-window): measures the amount of heat that is absorbed from the sun - energy efficient windows transmit solar heat back into the room (helping to lower home-heating usage).

Air Leakage/Loss (L-factor): measures heat loss that occurs as a result of general air leakage - an energy efficient frame and glass will help reduce air leakage.

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